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Behind The Customer Delight Factor Of:

Why CXONCLOUD? No wonder it's creating a revolution in the CX world!

All-In-One CX Engine!

Businesses now have an all-in-one engine to create, manage & measure bookings, feedback, loyalty, rewards, promotions, referrals, marketing & email automation. Works standalone or integrated to address specific CX gaps of any customer journeys.

Just Clicks. No Codes.

May it be a chain of retail stores, service sellers or those running expos/events, all you need to do is a few clicks to delight your customers.

Absolutely Unlimited.

CXOCLOUD allows you to collect & manage unlimited bookings & feedback, run unlimited loyalty campaigns & marketing automation.

Truly Omnichannel.

CXONCLOUD offers consistent customer experience across your website, social media, mobile app & even print media.

100% Cloud Based!

No hardware, no software & no expensive training. You can access CXONCLOUD on your IoS or Android smartphone or from any web browser.

Super Affordable!

Customer eXperience is so over-rated in terms of pricing. Any business can deliver incredible customer experience from as little as $39/month.

Complete Customer eXperience In Clicks!


You get a White Labelled Booking App. Link your booking app to the web, social & print media. Customers can now book your services 24/7 in less than 30 seconds.


Manage your bookings within CXONCLOUD. Click to confirm, cancel & reschedule bookings. CXONCLOUD will instantly & automatically send out relevant communications.


Collect ratings in-store/online from customers.CXONCLOUD will automatically trigger instant sorry/thank you mails based on feedback score received.


Know your business promoters, demoters & passives from CXONCLOUD. Engage your loyal customers to connect with you on social media. Reward them for their loyalty.


Customer advocacy is an important aspect of CXM. Send out right announcements to right audience proactively to delight your customers like never before.


When you have collected the feedback to know your loyal customers, entice them to repeat & refer business with CXONCLOUD’s inbuilt referral marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes & No. Yes it’s like those big brands in the category of customer experience. But far more simpler & all-in-one with respect to CX features, pricing, time to deploy & return of investment.
Yes, it’s a hybrid app that works on IoS, Android & Web.
Absolutely. It can be customised for every business. And it comes white labelled too.
If you can use a smartphone, you can customise this app. It’s all clicks & fills. No codes.
No. Your customer will either click your booking or feedback link from your website, social media pages or scan your QR code from your printed collaterals to make bookings.
We are fanatics when it comes to support. We offer a 24/7 email support with 99% of tickets closed within the same day it was raised.
Question is what you do with the feedback that you collect? CXONCLOUD will automatically analyse the feedback, instantly & automatically manages your reputation, gives you a detailed customer experience score, measures loyalty, gives tools to engage & reward your loyal customers in just simple clicks. Having a feedback collection software does not complete the customer experience.
CXONCLOUD works with your existing system too. You an choose to keep your existing system as the master and feed the bookings from CXONCLOUD into it or vice versa too. We recommend keeping CXONCLOUD as the master as it can do much more than just appointment booking.
CXONCLOUD works with your visiting card, leaflets, flyers, brochures, Facebook page, Twitter page or any social media pages. It’s truly an omnichannel solution to generate leads & collecting feedback.
Absolutely. Not a lot of customers give you Google reviews straight away. You need to understand their feedback, loyalty & then request them for a review through a loyalty campaign. When they take time to give you a review, you could reward them for their loyalty. All in simple clicks with CXONCLOUD.

Our Pricing Is Simple.

Premium Experience

$ 39 /mo (paid annually)

For in-store & online retailers.

Collect in-store & e-Commerce feedback, measure customer loyalty, engage & reward loyal customers, send out proactive customer announcements & referral campaigns to spread the word of mouth in just simple clicks & fills.

Super-Premium Experience

$ 49 /mo (paid annually)

For in-store & online service sellers.

Generate leads from all customer touch points, manage follow ups, bookings, measure customer loyalty, engage & reward loyal customers, send out proactive customer announcements & referral campaigns to spread the word of mouth in just simple clicks & fills.

Enterprise Experience


All-In-One CX Engine!

Use it as All-In-One or choose to address your specific CX gaps i.e capture the voice of customer with real time feedback across all sites or just measure customer loyalty or engage & reward loyal customers or run referral campaigns to spread the word of mouth..Works standalone or integrated.

Delight Your Customers Like Never Before. It’s all just simple clicks & fills!